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Vital Sign Sensing Technology

Libro: Systems Design for Remote Healthcare
Autores: Cranny, A.; Beriain Rodríguez, Andoni; Solar Ruiz, Héctor; Tartarisco, G; Pioggia, G.
Lugar de Edición: Nueva York
Editorial: Ed. Springer 
Fecha de publicación: 2014
Página Inicial - Final: 55 - 92
ISBN: 9781461488422
Resumen: The four physiological measures of body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate and blood pressure have for a long time been considered as vital signs in the diagnosis of a patient¿s health. It is also widely accepted that the routine measurement of other physiological or biological signals, possibly pathology specific, would help considerably in diagnosis and early stage treatment. Such measurements might include, for example, heart activity, brain activity, blood glucose level or mobility. Furthermore, the development of portable systems that can make a number of different health related measurements would prove beneficial in the monitoring of patients during treatment, recovery or rehabilitation. Technologies and instruments that can make these measurements have existed for some time, but factors such as their cost, lack of portability and in some instances, a requirement for expert knowledge, have restricted their wide scale use. Today, however, advances in information technology, communications and microfabrication techniques have made possible the realisation of truly portable systems for the measurement of a wide range of physiological signs at any medical intervention. This chapter describes the sensing technologies and systems currently being developed, or that are in use, for the measurement of a new, larger range of vital signs