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A critical reflection on the role of dialogue in communicating ethical CSR through digital platforms

Libro: Communicating corporate social responsibility in the Digital Era
Autores: Perks, K.; Recalde Viana, Mónica; Farache, F.; Kollat, J.
Editorial: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Books, Ltd 
Fecha de publicación: 2017
Página Inicial - Final: 1 - 11
ISBN: 9781472484161
Resumen: To achieve the central aim of the chapter, we explore the ethical premise of responsibility and its connection to the concept of dialogue as a basis for assessing if, how and why digital platforms can or cannot meet the ethical premise and dialogic prerequisite for CSR. We then discuss the implications and make recommendations for implementing the ethical premise of CSR into an organization. In the first section of the chapter, we define and clarify the ethical premise of CSR. We argue that organizations should take a step back to apply the ethical premise of CSR communication based on a dialogue and response to stakeholders. Through such an approach of open dialogue, accepting criticism, responding to questioning and action based on the outcome of the discourse, organizations could fundamentally change the self-serving and instrumental public perception of corporations.