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Self-awareness emotional learning during mediation procedures in the school context

ISSN: 1696-2095
Volumen: 15
Número: 1
Páginas: 75 - 105
Fecha de publicación: 2017
Introduction. Studies stress the importance of emotions in conflict, describing how they influence any mediation process. Resolving conflicts requires emotional abilities and it usually implies emotional learning. One of the main objectives of this paper is to better understand the role of emotions in mediation processes: how they impact this process and what emotional aspects are developed through them. A review of the theoretical framework of mediation related to this specific issue and the results of an emplirical study based on the emotional experience of mediation processes are presented. Method. An ad hoc questionnaire was created in order to assess perceived emotional learning gains after a mediation process. For this purpose, a total of 46 teachers mediators, 33 peer mediators and 23 mediated students participated in the study (n=102). Results. The questionnaire allowed to study the level of perceived learning gain in two differentiated dimensions: emotional awareness and emotional regulation. All groups (teacher mediators, peer mediators and mediated students) perceived a high level of emotional learning, indicanting the effectiveness of the mediation process. No differences in perceived emotional learning gains were found among groups (p=.56). However, although learning improvements were perceived in both dimensions, the level of perceived learning gain in emotional regulation was significantly higher than that perceived in of emotional awareness (p=.002). On the other hand, a shift from negative to positive emotions during the process of mediation was found in pupils mediated. Discussion and Conclusion. Mediation is a strategy that promotes emotional learning to all of those who take part in it. This study highlights the importance of mediation processes in developing emotional learning. Two main aspects of emotional learning, which were promoted by mediation, were identified in this study: emotional awareness and emotional regulation. It is considered that learning how to manage emotions should be present in any mediator's training course, since a stable resolution of conflicts depends on an adequated management of emotions.