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Ordinary religious experience, learning, and adaptation: a call for interdisciplinary inquiry

ISSN: 2055-1045
Volumen: 3
Número: 17061
Páginas: 1 - 4
Fecha de publicación: 2017
Within disciplines of religious studies, discussions of religious experience tend to revolve around the most rare and extraordinary cases, while neglecting much more common varieties of ¿ordinary religious experience¿¿that is, experiences of regular practitioners in the midst of normal religious activities such as worship or prayer. This comment will, first, call attention to this essential aspect of religious life, and, second, will suggest ways in which it can be made more accessible to investigation. This article suggests that researchers focus on the variability of engagement in religious practice and the processes of learning and adaptation by which regular practitioners enhance their experience of religious practice. It also suggests that ethnographic studies be extended by carefully selected theories of perception and cognition that address the role of material conditions in ordinary religious experience.