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On line diagnosis strategy of thread quality in tapping

Autores: Gil del Val, Alain; Fernández Díaz, Justino; Arizmendi Jaca, Miguel; Veiga Suárez, Fernando; Urizar, J.L.; Berriozabal, A.; Axpe, A.; Diéguez, P.M.
Título de la revista: PROCEDIA ENGINEERING
ISSN: 1877-7058
Volumen: 63
Páginas: 208 - 217
Fecha de publicación: 2013
Tapping by cutting is one of the most common operations in manufacturing. It consists of cutting internal threads on the wall of a previously drilled hole by means of a tool called a tap that has cutting edges on its chamfered periphery. When taps are new or slightly worn the process is usually in control and the geometry of the resulting threads on the work piece is correct. But as the tap wear increases the thread geometry deviates progressively from the correct one and eventually the screw threads become unacceptable. The aim of this paper consists on an industrial monitoring application (SPC) to data coming from the current signal of the tap spindle for assessing thread quality. It operates on line and indicates when the tap wear is so critical that, if the process were continued, it would result in unacceptable screw threads. Then the system shows a red light so that the operator could replace the worn-out tap. The system would be very cost-effective since the tapping process could be run without any operator intervention