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Reliability of a laryngo-pharyngeal esthesiometer and a method for measuring laryngo-pharyngeal mechano-sensitivity in a prospectively recruited cohort of patients

Autores: Giraldo-Cadavid, L. F. (Autor de correspondencia); Burguete Mas, Javier; Rueda, F.; Galvis, A. M.; Castaneda, N.; Agudelo-Otalora, L. M.; Moscoso, W. D.; Paez, N.; Fernández González, Secundino
ISSN: 0937-4477
Volumen: 274
Número: 7
Páginas: 2861 - 2870
Fecha de publicación: 2017
BACKGROUND: There are not reliable methods for measuring laryngo-pharyngeal mechano-sensitivity (LPMS). We aimed to determine the reliability of a new method for measuring LPMS using a new laryngo-pharyngeal esthesiometer (LPEER) in a prospective cohort of dysphagic stroke and non-dysphagic patients. The patients underwent clinical and endoscopic evaluations of swallowing (FESSST). The LPMS assessments consisted of measurements by an expert and a novel rater of the laryngeal-adductor reflex threshold (LART), cough reflex threshold (CRT) and gag reflex threshold (GRT) using the LPEER. We assessed the Bland-Altman limits of agreement, the intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs) and Spearman correlation coefficients (SCCs). For the inter-rater comparisons, we contrasted the expert and novel raters. A total of 1608 measurements were obtained from 34 dysphagic stroke patients and 33 non-dysphagic patients. The intra-rater ICCs for all reflex thresholds were >0.90. The inter-rater ICCs were 0.87 for the LART, 0.79 for the CRT and 0.70 for the GRT. The intra-rater SCCs for all reflex thresholds were above 0.88 (P¿<¿0.0001). The inter-rater SCC were 0.80 for the LART, 0.79 for the CRT and 0.70 for the GRT (all P¿<¿0.0001). The Bland-Altman plots revealed good agreement for the LART and CRT and moderate agreement for the GRT. The median normal value was 0.14 mN for the LART, 4.4 mN for the CRT and 11.9 mN for the GRT. The median thresholds values in patients with aspiration were LART: 1.31 mN; CRT: 32.9 mN and GRT: 32.9 mN (all P¿<¿0.006 vs normal thresholds). The LPEER exhibited substantial to excellent intra- and inter-rater reliability.