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The impact of digitalization on media consumption: an approach based on the 'Digital Diet' concept

Libro: Digitization and its impact on society
Lugar de Edición: Ariccia (Roma)
Editorial: Aracne Editrice 
Fecha de publicación: 2016
Página Inicial - Final: 27 - 42
ISBN: 978-88-548-9031-2
Resumen: The book addresses the relation between several social and cultural aspects of contemporary society and the digitization process, it debates new methodologies and approaches to the study of social media and digital networks. It examines the opportunity to understand the social aspects of digital media in social research yet, at the same time, it debates critical and controversial points of digitization. It is a collection of essays and papers by international scholars from all over the world, that delineate some general tracks and try to define what digitization is. This term marks one of the more ambiguous phenomena of our time, and this book tries to analyze it thanks to an international and interdisciplinary approach.