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APCA Atlas of Palliative Care in Africa

Autores: Rhee, J. Y.; Luyirika, E.; Namisango, E.; Powell, R. A.; Garralda Domezain, Eduardo; Pons Izquierdo, Juan José; Lima, L.; Centeno Cortés, Carlos
Lugar de Edición: Houston
Editorial: IAHPC Press
Fecha de publicación: 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9834597-9-8
Número de páginas: 152
Resumen: The current APCA Atlas provides the most up-to-date information of palliative care development in nearly all countries in Africa, using indicators derived, rated, and chosen by in-country African experts followed by a thorough Delphi consensus process with a panel of international experts on palliative care indicators. Therefore, the current APCA Atlas also provides an up-to-date base of indicators specific to the African context, chosen by African experts. The Atlas offers a panoramic view utilising the World Health Organization¿s (WHO) palliative care public health strategy dimensions and palliative care professional activity (vitality) through a combination of methods including data collection from national experts in the field and peer-reviewed literature, ensuring data quality. These results provide the most comprehensive and reliable information on palliative care development, to date.