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Designing for micro hot embossing

Libro: Design for advanced manufacturing: technologies and processes
Autores: Paredes Puente, Jacobo; Chooljian, M.; Liepmann, D.
Lugar de Edición: Nueva York
Editorial: McGraw Hill Education
Fecha de publicación: 2017
Página Inicial - Final: 379 - 388
ISBN: 978-1259587450
Resumen: Detailed coverage of the latest advances in manufacturing and product design. Edited by a past president of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, this comprehensive resource features contributions from a host of international manufacturing and design experts. You will get thorough explanations of the entire range of advanced manufacturing processes and technologies as well as practical instructions and technical guidance. Design for Advanced Manufacturing: Technologies and Processes covers: ¿ Manufacturing with lasers ¿ Conventional laser processes ¿ Cleaning parts via lasers ¿ Forming parts via lasers ¿ Texturing parts via lasers ¿ Additive processes (3D printing) ¿ Conventional and micro-level additive manufacturing ¿ Micro parts and micro fabrication ¿ Advanced technologies for machining and welding at microscopic levels ¿ Design issues ¿ Production rates ¿ Process comparisons ¿ And much more The book also addresses unique processes such as: ¿ MICA Freeform ¿ LIGA ¿ Electron beam polishing ¿ Magnetic abrasive finishing ¿ Ion beam machining ¿ Micro stereolithography ¿ Micro origami for assembly ¿ Micro machining, welding, finishing ¿ Electrospinning If you've been looking for a comprehensive, quick, and convenient source of answers to all your advanced processes questions, your search ends here.