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Association of telomere length with IL-6 levels during an obesity treatment in adolescents: interaction with the-174G/C polymorphism in the IL-6gene

Autores: García Calzón, Sonia; Moleres, A.; Gómez-Martinez, S.; Diaz, L. E.; Bueno, G.; Campoy, C.; Martínez Hernández, Alfredo; Marcos, A.; Azcona San Julián, María Cristina; Zalba Goñi, Guillermo; Martí del Moral, Amelia; EVASYON study group
Título de la revista: PEDIATRIC OBESITY
ISSN: 2047-6310
Volumen: 12
Número: 3
Páginas: 257 - 263
Fecha de publicación: 2017
BACKGROUND: Shorter telomeres have been associated with elevated risk for age-related diseases. However, little is known about the biomarker role of telomere length (TL) for predicting inflammation and glucose alterations. OBJECTIVE: The objective of this research is to evaluate the association between TL, inflammatory markers and glucose levels after a 2-month weight-loss programme in obese adolescents. METHODS: Telomere length was measured using a quantitative polymerase chain reaction in 66 obese adolescents aged 12-17 years (51% men) from the EVASYON programme. The adolescents were genotyped for the polymorphism -174G/C (rs1800795) in the IL-6gene, and anthropometric and biochemical markers as well as inflammatory cytokines were analysed. RESULTS: Multiple-adjusted models showed that longer telomeres at baseline were associated with a higher reduction in glucose (B¿=¿-4.08, 95% confidence interval: -6.66 to -1.50) and IL-6 (B¿=¿-1.03, 95% confidence interval: -2.01 to -0.05) serum levels after 2¿months of the weight-loss treatment. The -174G/C polymorphism modulated the association between basal TL and changes in IL-6 (P interaction¿=¿0.029). Thus, subjects with the GG¿+¿GC genotype and with longer telomeres showed a higher decrease in IL-6 levels than CC homozygotes. CONCLUSION: Longer telomeres are associated with an improvement in glucose tolerance and inflammation after a weight-loss programme in obese adolescents. Moreover, the -174G/C polymorphism may influence the relationship between TL and IL-6 changes.