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HMOX1 as a marker of iron excess-induced adipose tissue dysfunction, affecting glucose uptake and respiratory capacity in human adipocytes

Autores: Moreno Navarrete, J. M.; Ortega, F.; Rodríguez Murueta-Goyena, Amaia; Latorre, J. ; Becerril Mañas, Sara; Sabater Masdeu, M. ; Ricart, W. ; Fruhbeck Martínez, Gema; Fernandez Real, J. M.
Título de la revista: DIABETOLOGIA
ISSN: 0012-186X
Volumen: 60
Número: 5
Páginas: 915 - 926
Fecha de publicación: 2017
Iron excess in adipose tissue is known to promote adipose tissue dysfunction. Here, we aimed to investigate the possible role of haem oxygenase 1 (HMOX1) in iron excess-induced adipose tissue dysfunction. Cross-sectionally, HMOX1 gene expression in subcutaneous and visceral adipose tissue was analysed in two independent cohorts (n = 234 and 40) in relation to obesity. We also evaluated the impact of weight loss (n = 21), weight gain (in rats, n = 20) on HMOX1 mRNA; HMOX1 mRNA levels during human adipocyte differentiation; the effects of inflammation and iron on adipocyte HMOX1; and the effects of HMOX1-induced activity on adipocyte mitochondrial respiratory function, glucose uptake and adipogenesis. Adipose tissue HMOX1 was increased in obese participants (p = 0.01) and positively associated with obesity-related metabolic disturbances, and markers of iron accumulation, inflammation and oxidative stress (p < 0.01). HMOX1 was negatively correlated with mRNAs related to mitochondrial biogenesis, the insulin signalling pathway and adipogenesis (p < 0.01). These associations were replicated in an independent cohort. Bariatric surgery-induced weight loss led to reduced HMOX1 (0.024 +/- 0.010 vs 0.010 +/- 0.004 RU, p < 0.0001), whereas in rats, high-fat diet-induced weight gain resulted in increased Hmox1 mRNA levels (0.22 +/- 0.15 vs 0.54 +/- 0.22 RU, p = 0.005). These changes were in parallel with changes in BMI and adipose tissue markers of iron excess, adipogenesis and inflammation. In human adipocytes, iron excess and inflammation led to increased HMOX1 mRNA levels. HMOX1 induction (by haem arginate [hemin] administration), resulted in a significant reduction of mitochondrial respiratory capacity (including basal respiration and spare respiratory capacity), glucose uptake and adipogenesis in parallel with increased expression of inflammatory- and iron excess-related genes. HMOX1 is an important marker of iron excess-induced adipose tissue dysfunction and metabolic disturbances in human obesity.