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El problema del comienzo del ser personal en la antropología de v. E. Frankl

Título de la revista: CUADERNOS DE BIOETICA
ISSN: 1132-1989
Volumen: 27
Número: 90
Páginas: 207 - 221
Fecha de publicación: 2016
In this paper we review the V. E. Frankl' conception of the 'person', which he understands as the superior part in man. This study consists of three parts: a) In the first we study 10 thesis that the father of logotherapy offers on the person, namely: 1st) the person is an individual; 2nd) whitaut possibility of sum; 3rd) is a new being; 4th) is spiritual; 5th) is existential; 6th) is the 'I' or the 'ego'; 7th) provides unity and wholeness; 8th) is dynamic; 9th) is able to transcend and to face herself; 10th) He is not understood by itself but from the point of view of transcendence. b) In the second part are studied 7 synonyms that the founder of the third Viennese school of psychology offers on the person: 1st) individual; 2nd) I; 3rd) personality; 4th) existence; 5th) spirit; 6th) heart; 7th) becoming. c) The third part we review the franklian hypothesis defending that the human person appears after the birth of human biological life. Although it is the third part that gives the the title of this work, it can only be understood, and also reviewed, after having founded in the preceding two parties what specifically understand V. E. Frankl for person.