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Cost-effectiveness of buccal midazolam in the treatment of prolonged convulsive seizures in the outpatient setting in Spain

Autores: Raspall-chaure, M.; Martinez-Bermejo, A.; Sánchez-Carpintero Abad, Rocío; Ruiz-Falco Rojas, ML; Verdu-Pérez, A.; Smeyers-Dura, P.; Camino-Leon, R. ; Sanmarti, FX.; Santos-Borbujo, J.; Pico, G.; Blanco-Barca, O.; Cebollero, MA.
Título de la revista: REVISTA DE NEUROLOGIA
ISSN: 0210-0010
Volumen: 58
Número: 11
Páginas: 481-486
Fecha de publicación: 2014
The results obtained with the model show that buccal midazolam is more cost-effective than rectal diazepam due to a reduction in the need to call out ambulances and for stays in hospital, as well as an improved health-related quality of life.