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Civic Character Education

Lugar de Edición: Pamplona
Editorial: Parlamento de Navarra / Servicio de publicaciones Universidad de Navarra
Fecha de publicación: 2016
ISBN: 978-84-8081-531-4
Número de páginas: 103
Resumen: This booklet aims to be useful for anyone who is concerned with, or who works on, educating our future citizens. It is intended for teachers who are implementing civics-related contents or subjects in both primary and secondary classrooms. The texts in this volume are the result of work carried out by researchers from the University of Navarra Civic Parliament group thanks to the agreement signed with the Navarre Parliament. Promoting more active citizenship is one of the goals to which this group has devoted a lot of thought and discussion, so as to teach younger generations better in this fi eld. As a result of this concern, a variety of activities and initiatives have been run since 2010 and a new project began to take shape in 2013 to develop audiovisual materials refl ecting the most important social attitudes when teaching civic identity. Elements of audiovisual language were always taken into account when making these videos: keeping it short and concise, the importance of visual aspects, the need to understand the audiovisual narrative, etc. However, we think that the texts behind the videos might be extremely useful for anyone wishing to put the material into context, or fi nd out more and go into greater depth on some matters. That led to the idea for this book, combining audiovisual references with the theoretical discussions emerging from them.