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Information practices and competences that evidence information capability in a company

Título de la revista: INFORMATION RESEARCH
ISSN: 1368-1613
Volumen: 20
Número: 2
Fecha de publicación: 2015
Introduction. The aim of this study is to obtain deeper knowledge about the information practices and competences that evidence information capability in a company. The first objective of this study is to define a set of practices that can be implemented in order to develop information capability in a company and to explore the common underlying dimensions of these practices, that is, the information competences. The second is to explore which information competences can be expected to have a greater influence on the quality of the information managed. Method. Our target population for the study was companies committed to total quality management models because those models are information-intensive management systems. Data was collected with a questionnaire designed to elicit information regarding information practices. Forty-six companies that have applied the European framework for quality management excellence model were respondents to the survey. Analysis. Quantitative analyses with the support of the Minitab software package were carried out on the data. More specifically we performed an exploratory factor analysis and a multiple regression analysis to achieve the objectives of the study. Results. Main findings reveal eighteen information-related practices that can be pooled in 6 information competences that make up information capability. Key information competences which would most affect information quality are also found. Conclusion. The competences identified by this study are presented in other literature as being equally important to business performance; however just three of these competences have a significant influence on the quality of information managed.