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Henri Thomas: écriture de guerre et silence créateur ou les sources de son identité narrative

Título de la revista: CEDILLE
ISSN: 1699-4949
Volumen: 6
Páginas: 229 - 245
Fecha de publicación: 2010
This study, dealing with narrative identity during the war in Henri Thomas's epistolary discourse, implies the considerationof factors such as the awareness of his historicalself. Such awareness locates him inthe perspective of being a «story-man» that can be told in the discourse and becomeself-revealing, which situates us before a man liable to progress and for whom compromiseis his only aim. This will be the material used during the first stage of the war (soldier Thomas), and it will later onbecome a spiritual compromise through which he searches for his salvation and his country, France. All this occurs thanks to the creative silence through which life, identity and literary universe appear imperfect communion