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Effect of frying process on furan content in foods and assessment of furan exposure of Spanish population

ISSN: 0023-6438
Volumen: 68
Páginas: 549 - 555
Fecha de publicación: 2016
Furan content in eight bread-coated frozen foods (ham croquettes, squid rings, tuna pasties, churros, nuggets, fish fingers, onion rings and san jacobos) deep-fried in fresh and reheated olive oil, and in five cooked vegetables was evaluated. Deep fried foods showed the highest levels of furan between 12 mu g kg(-1) (tuna pasties) and 172 mu g kg(-1) (onion rings), with a furan increase tendency when reheated oil was used. In vegetables, furan was only found at low level in griddled onion (3.5 ng kg(-1)). The lower temperature applied (<150 degrees C) in comparison to that of the deep-fried foods (190 degrees C), the furan volatilization during longer time cooking (15 min vs 6 min) together with the food composition differences might explain the low furan content in vegetables. As a preliminary approach for risk assessment, the margin of exposure (MOE) was calculated. The total daily intake of furan by Spanish population (239 -4372 ng/kg bw/day) with MOEs below 10,000 indicates a human public health concern. However, MOEs for fried foods showed that furan could suppose a possible health risk only in people with a high consumption of these products. Nevertheless, further studies should be developed to provide furan exposure data of other fried foods.