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An experimental comparison between existing damping solutions for railway wheels

ISSN: 0736-2501
Volumen: 63
Número: 5
Páginas: 448 - 459
Fecha de publicación: 2015
The acoustic reductions achieved with the current damping solutions for railway wheels that appear in the state of the art were obtained with different railway wheel designs, under different measurement scenarios (laboratory and on track), under different testing conditions, making it impossible to compare these damping solutions in a straightforward manner. The aim of this paper is to analyse, measure and estimate the behaviour of damping solutions installed on the same railway wheel and under the same testing conditions. Experimental measurements were carried out in the laboratory on wheels that are currently in use in metro lines. Damping solutions that were evaluated are ring damper, friction damper and sandwich-type constrained layer damper. Results show that ring and friction dampers are dependent on the applied preload and that they can only dissipate energy at high frequencies. Sandwich-type constrained layer dampers are the only damping solution that can add damping at low frequencies, but it is essential that they be properly designed in order to significantly increase the final wheel damping.