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Monetization strategies and audience data in online video. The case of Atresmedia

Título de la revista: QUADERNS DEL CAC (INTERNET)
ISSN: 2014-2242
ISBN: 2014-2242
Volumen: 42
Número: xix
Páginas: 29 - 39
Fecha de publicación: 2016
The audiovisual market has changed dramatically. Thanks to the digital revolution, the consumption of video is becoming increasingly popular and broadcasters have started to offer online content, both free and paid. The purpose of this paper is to analyse how broadcasters can monetize the videos they offer online, paying attention to the audience data they need. The ultimate goal is to obtain recommendations related to audience data. We will use Atresmedia as a case study. The methodology is based on a combination of an analytical observation of the digital strategy, an analysis of internal reports and personal interviews.