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The use of a lignosulfonate superplasticizer in repair air lime-metakaolin mortars

Libro: Proceedings of the 4th Historic Mortars Conference HMC 2016
Lugar de Edición: Thessaloniki
Editorial: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Fecha de publicación: 2016
Página Inicial - Final: 375 - 382
ISBN: 978-960-99922-3-7
Resumen: A superplasticizing admixture of natural origin, lignosulfonate (LS), was incorporated to air lime mortars sometimes modified with a pozzolanic additive, metakaolin, to obtain a new range of repair mortars to be applied in Built Heritage. LS improved the flowability of the air lime samples and showed good slump retention over time: for example, after 150 minutes of the air lime pastes preparation, blends with LS lost only ca. 13% of the slump value. Experimental results showed that LS interfered with the carbonation due to its ability to form Ca2+ complexes. Adsorption isotherms and zeta potential measurements showed that LS was scarcely adsorbed onto lime and C-S-H particles. Due to its branchy structure, LS exhibited an adsorption mechanism leading to steric hindrance as the main responsible mechanism for avoiding flocculation. The presence of free LS molecules in the dispersion was seen to improve the plasticizing effect of this polymer. Flexural and compressive strengths as well as the durability in the face of freezing-thawing cycles of these mortars were also determined to assess the applicability of these repair mortars.