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Long-term dataset of small mammals from owl pellets in the Atlantic-Mediterranean transition area

Título de la revista: SCIENTIFIC DATA
ISSN: 2052-4463
Volumen: 3
Páginas: 160085
Fecha de publicación: 2016
We describe the pellet sampling data set from the Vertebrate Collection of the Museum of Zoology of the University of Navarra. This data set compiles all information about small mammals obtained from the analysis of owl pellets. The collection consists on skulls, mandibles, and some skeletons of 36 species of more than 72,000 georeferenced specimens. These specimens come from the Iberian Peninsula although most samples were collected in Navarra, a highly diverse transitional area of 10,000¿kilometre square sitting across three biogeographical regions. The collection spans more than forty years and is still growing as a result of the establishment of a barn owl pellet monitoring network in 2015. The program will provide critical information about the evolution of the small mammals¿ community in this transition zone as it changes over time.