Partner Organizations

These are independent, private-sector organizations whose specific purpose is to contribute to the development of certain activities promoted by the University of Navarra.

  • Affiliate organizations

    The University has promoted the following non-profit companies to guarantee the efficient management of certain teaching- and research-related tasks.

    • Instituto Científico y Tecnológico de Guipúzcoa, S.A.: This body acts as the University of Navarra's Office for the Transfer of Research Results in the School of Engineering (TECNUN).

  • Foundations

    • University Foundation of Navarra (FUNA)

    • Foundation for Applied Medical Research (FIMA)

    • University of Navarra Business Foundation (FEUN)

    • IESE Private Foundation (FIESE)

    • Friends of the University of Navarra Foundation (FADA)

    • Friends of the University of Navarra Regional Foundation (FFADA)

    • Catalan Culture Private Foundation (FPCC)

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