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Open to public: De lunes a viernes de 9:30 a 13:30 y de 15:30 a 17:00 (Desde el 15 de junio hasta el 31 de agosto de 9:30 a 14:00h)
Telephone: 948 42 56 14

Studying at the university

Study programs

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The University of Navarra offers a wide range of official undergraduate degrees and master's degrees that fully satisfy the needs of students who wish to carry out their professional activity on the international arena.

Admissions and financial aid

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The University's admissions process varies slightly, depending on whether or not you are from a European Union Member State. You should also find out if you need to take the official Spanish university entrance exam and study your options for obtaining scholarships and financial aid in Spain or your country of origin.

The city

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The campus is located in Pamplona, the capital of the region of Navarre. It is a peaceful city that offers a high standard of living and a great many parks and gardens, enough to rank Pamplona among the European cities with the most green areas and recreational spaces per capita.

The University

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The University's teaching and research centers generate and attract global talent. In fact, 14% of those currently enrolled are international students.

Sports activities

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The Sports Service offers an extensive range of activities to encourage sports among the students, teachers and staff of the University of Navarra.

International Foundation Program

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Improve your Spanish and acquire specific knowledge of the studies you will carry out in the future.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Information on scholarships that may be of interest to students, prospective students and alumni of the University.

Scholarships and Financial Aid