Frequently Asked Questions

a) Evidence of a good command of Spanish (copy of the Master's Thesis) and English (qualification or proof of studies).

b) Initial research project design giving details of the goals, methodology and basic bibliography.

c) Applicant appraisal issued by two persons following the model attached. At least one of them should have a PhD from the University of Navarra. Referees for each applicant should send their report directly to the Programme Coordinator.

The rest of the documentation should be sent by the applicant.

When the Academic Committee receives the application, it studies the documentation as a whole, and subsequently sends it to the relevant Doctorate School. The Doctorate School will inform the applicant of their decision.

These amounts might increase slightly depending on inflation in Spain.

  • Annual registration: € 1,330 (annual cost, for 5 years)

  • Secretarial fees: € 95 (annual cost with registration, for 5 years)

  • Training Supplements: between 6 and 12 ECTS (€ 181 for each ECTS). They can be carried out in successive years, in which case the cost is divided into several installments.

  • Reading and defense of the thesis: € 660 (paid once during the Program)

  • Issuance of the doctorate degree : € 435 (It is paid once during the Program)  

However, there is what is known as "additional training" that might be assigned, depending on each student's profile. This represents between 6 and 12 credits.

There is also a series of activities (courses or seminars given by the University of Navarra, national or international visits, conference attendance, publications, etc.), that are usually carried out by doctorate students, helping them to improve their training.

Anyone taking the distance learning course should try to plan their month's stay so that they can include these activities in similar conditions to the rest of the students.