Results and indicators

Resultados e indicadores - Doctorado en Ciencias Naturales y Aplicadas

"Impact of air pollution and its interaction with climate change on public health in urban areas", Heidel Moronta Sabad. Advisors: David Elustondo Valencia and Arturo H. Ariño Plana. Research line: environment

"Clogging of a granular system as a phase transition", Rodrigo Caitano Barbosa da Silva. Advisor: Ángel Garcimartín Montero. Research line: physics

"Impact of N deposition in vulnerable Mediterranean forests: temporal trends and interactions at ecosystem and landscape level", Iván Santamaría Sastre. Advisors: David Elustondo Valencia and Anna Àvila Castells. Research line: environment

"Effects of humic acids on the relationship of Bacillus megaterium and Rhizophagus irregularis with the tomato plant", Germán Bosch Estévez. Advisors: José María García-Mina Freire and Javier Erro Garcés. Research line: animal and plant biology

"Particle flows in silos, significance of particle shape and friction", Tivadar Pongó. Advisor: Raúl Cruz Hidalgo. Research line: physics

"Numerical simulation and experiments about the pedestrian dynamics in tight confinement conditions", Iñaki Echeverria Huarte. Advisors: Iker Zuriguel Ballaz and Raúl Cruz Hidalgo. Research line: physics.

"The Computational Significance of Brain Oscillations", Diglio Antonio Simoni. Advisors: Wenceslao González Viñas and Stefano Boccaletti. Research line: applied mathematics.

"Development of new nanoparticulate materials and their application in packaging", Leire Goñi Ciaurriz. Advisor: Itziar Vélaz Rivas. Research line: applied chemistry.

"Viability of bioindication based on aerobiological samples", Mónica María González Alonso. Advisor: Arturo H Ariño Plana. Research line: environment.

"Effects of global change on the structure and functioning of vegetation on a bioclimatic border. A taxonomic and functional approach", María de las Mercedes Valerio Galán. Advisors: Ricardo Ibáñez Gastón and Antonio Gazol Burgos. Research line: animal and plant biology.

"Numerical simulations of granular media in narrow openings", Dariel Hernández Delfín. Advisor: Raúl Cruz Hidalgo. Research line: physics

"Odonata in the Ebro Basin as bioindicators of climate change in the Iberian Peninsula: study of the collection of the Zoology Museum of the University of Navarra on the macroinvertebrate of the water quality network", Tommaso Cancellario. Advisors: Rafael Miranda Ferreiro y Enrique Baquero Martín. Research line: environment

"Applications of polymer matrices of cyclodextrins synthesized through sustainable processes", Max Renaud Petitjean. Advisor: José Ramón Isasi. Research line: applied chemistry

"Technological development and clinical validation of an adaptive radiotherapy strategy in lung cancer", Carlos Huesa Berral. Advisors: Javier Burguete Mas y Juan Diego Azcona Armendáriz. Research line: physics 

"Flow of particle dispersions in narrow openings", José Ilberto Fonceca Junior. Advisors: Diego Maza Ozcoidi y Raúl Cruz Hidalgo. Research line: physics

"Instabilities in jets of rheologically complex fluids", Brais Oubiña Vila. Advisors: Diego Maza Ozcoidi y José Martín Pastor Gutiérrez. Research line: physics

"Computer simulations of Breath Figures under complex experimental conditions", Mathankumar Raja. Advisor: Wenceslao González Viñas. Research line: applied mathematics

"Levels of exposure to pollutants and particulate matter in indoor spaces", Miguel Ángel Alcántara Durán. Advisors: Carolina Santamaría Élola y Cesar Martín Gómez. Research line: environment

"Instabilities and transition to turbulence in a closed flow", Jesús Oscar Rodríguez García. Advisor: Javier Burguete Mas. Research line: physics

"On the multiphase method of finite volumes based on the granular kinetic theory and its industrial application", David Méndez Esteban. Advisors: Diego Maza Ozcoidi and Raúl Cruz Hidalgo. Research line: physics

"Study of operators in the fuzzy logic field Applications to fuzzy group theory", Carlos Bejines López. Advisors: María Jesús Chasco Ugarte and Jorge Elorza Barbajero. Research line: applied mathematics

"Condensation Patterns and Climate Change", Ruddy Eglee Urbina Sulbarán. Advisor: Wenceslao González-Viñas. Research line: physics

"Development of new lime restoration mortars with additives", Jesús Fidel González Sánchez. Advisors: Iñigo Navarro Blasco and José Ignacio Álvarez Galindo. Research line: materials science

"Characterization and applications of TPGS / Tetronics / Cyclodextrins systems for 'Drug Delivery'", Joan Puig Rigall. Advisors: Gustavo González Gaitano and María José Blanco Prieto. Research line: applied chemistry

"Strategies of moult and plumage coloration in the Iberian populations of common crossbills (Loxia Curvirostra)", Blanca Fernández Eslava. Advisors: Rafael Miranda Ferreiro and David Galicia Paredes. Research line: environment - animal and plant biology

"Analysis of ichthyological diversity in relation to biogeographical regions and their relationship with threatened species and protected areas", Imanol Miqueleiz Legaz. Advisors: Rafael Miranda Ferreiro and Arturo Hugo Ariño Plana. Research line: environment

"Mites associated with Diptera and Coleoptera as a tool applicable to samples with forensic interest", Sandra Pérez Martínez. Advisors: Maria Lourdes Moraza Zorrilla and Marta Inés Saloña Bordas. Research line: animal and vegetable biology

"Operadores de la lógica difusa en estructuras algebráicas", Carlos Bejines López; Advisors: María Jesús Chasco Ugarte, Jorge Elorza Barbajero (September 11, 2020)

Polymeric and Soft Nanocomposites Based on Cyclodextrin-Modified Barium Titanate Nanoparticles ", Rafael Serra Gómez; Advisors: Gustavo González Gaitano, Francisco Javier González Benito (December 22, 2016)