Normativa y organización - Doctorado en Ciencias Naturales y Aplicadas

The Ph.D. program in Natural and Applied Sciences belongs to the Graduate School ("Escuela de Doctorado") of the University of Navarra, within the framework established by the Spanish regulations (RD 99/2011), as the center which plans, organizes and monitors Ph.D. Programs at the University. The School of Science is responsible for the development of the PhD-NAS.

The Graduate School offers on its website the regulations governing doctoral studies (supervision of theses, follow-up and permanence of PhD students, general rules of thesis submission and viva-voces, etc.).

The information regarding scholarships and the regulation for PhD students can be found in the Research Technical Secretariat.

Practical and specific information for students of the PhD-NAS (e.g. practical guides, thesis report templates, etc) are made available through restricted access online media.