The School of Pharmacy and Nutrition of the Universidad de Navarra, as part of its commitment with the quality and continuous improvement of its degree programs and the services it offers, has implemented Internal Quality Control Standards (SGIC) Thus, the monitoring, review and continuous improvement of the different programmes are systematised.

The School of Pharmacy and Nutrition has a Quality Assurance Committee (CGC), which was initially approved on Wednesday, March 18, 2009. This committee, acting as the board of directors' delegated body, coordinates the planning and follow-up tasks of the SGIC. The Quality Assurance Committee also acts as a vehicle for communication of the School's quality policies and objectives by ensuring dissemination to the university community and compliance with these policies.

All the information about the official documentation for the degree programmes, processes, Quality Assurance Committee and minutes of the CGC is available on the School’s Quality Control Standards webpage.