Financial information

The registration price for the 2021-2022 academic year is € 19 995,30 plus € 95 in registration fees. Applicants admitted can formalise their registration via the miUnav Portal or in person at the General Offices of the Universidad de Navarra (Central Building, Pamplona Campus).

The Admission Service offers all students information and advice on scholarships and financial aid, as well as other financing methods for university studies. Through this service, the University of Navarra wants to ensure that no-one with study skills and aptitudes is unable to study for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree for financial reasons.

Students of Master's Degrees at the University of Navarra can apply for calls for public grants, as well as grants and assistance offered by the university.

It is worth stressing that the admission process in the master's degree and the grant application process are independent, even in time. It is the applicants themselves who must manage the attainment of the grant on their own account, since the Universidad de Navarra does not process this documentation, except for its own grants.

List of grants and assistance

Universidad de Navarra - Grupo Santander
Beca: convocatoria de solicitudes para la concesión de dos becas que cubren el 25% del coste de la matrícula.
Destinatarios: alumnos europeos e iberoamericanos que hayan obtenido una puntuación mínima de 7 (en una escala de 0 a 10) o de 2 (en una escala de 1 a 4) en la titulación que da acceso al máster.
Plazo de solicitud: del 19 de mayo al 19 de junio de 2020.

Becas generales del Ministerio de Educación
Beca: Becas y ayudas para cursar estudios universitarios de máster.
Destinatarios: estudiantes de todo el Estado, excepto del País Vasco.
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Becas y ayudas a la movilidad de estudiantes de máster
Beca: Ayudas, financiadas por el Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte en el marco del Programa Erasmus+.
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Préstamos para realizar estudios de posgrado de Máster Universitario o de Doctorado
Préstamo: La finalidad general de los préstamos es facilitar la financiación de las enseñanzas universitarias de máster oficial y/o de doctorado que se impartan en España o las equivalentes en los países del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior, Estados Unidos de América y Canadá, mediante una ayuda inicial así como, en su caso, facilitar una renta mensual a los estudiantes que lo deseen.
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Becas del Gobierno de Navarra
Beca: ayudas para la residencia, desplazamiento, comedor y matrícula.
Destinatarios: alumnos pertenecientes a familias de Navarra. Becas complementarias a las del Ministerio de Educación.
Plazo de solicitud: Septiembre-octubre
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Becas del Gobierno Vasco
Beca: ayudas para la residencia, el desplazamiento, los libros y la matrícula.
Destinatarios: alumnos con vecindad administrativa en el País Vasco.
Plazo de solicitud: Octubre
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The Universidad de Navarra also has various subsidies and allows for families to make the registration fees payment in different ways, so that they can choose the easiest method to pay the registration amount.

There are established exemptions or subsidies that must be necessarily accredited upon the formalisation of the registration:

  Large families: 8% (general category) or 16% (special), approximately. Upon the formalisation of the registration, a copy of the large family book in force must be uploaded into the miUnav Portal. Copies of expired books will not be admitted. Non-residents in Spain can obtain this reduction by providing the birth certificate of all their siblings.

Former students of the Universidad de Navarra and the IESE will obtain approximately a 12% discount on the registration amount of the Master's Degree Programmes held in Pamplona, San Sebastián or Madrid (*). No documents are required.

The former student discount cannot be applied in addition to any other from the Universidad de Navarra. Nor can it be applied alongside scholarships from public bodies (Ministry of Education, Local Government of Navarra or the Local Government of the Basque Country), nor Universidad de Navarra-Grupo Santander scholarships nor scholarships or grants that may be granted in certain programs, unless expressly stated otherwise.

(*) The programmes of the IESE Business School are excluded from this plan.

The registration fees can be paid by different means:

One-time payment: Students who use this method pay the registration fees by debit, for which they must indicate (when making the self-registration) the complete number (20 digits) of their current account or savings account document. The charge will be made in the days following the formalisation of the registration.

The registration fees can also be paid by cheque issued in favour of the Universidad de Navarra, which is sent to the General Offices of the University; by bank transfer, previously made to any of the accounts of the University, or by means of a credit card through the Internet. 

Deferred payment: Students can pay the registration amount in four instalments by credit card. If they have already paid some of the fees, the remaining amount is divided into four equal parts and one of these parts will be paid by credit/debit card at that time; the rest will also be paid by card in three instalments.

If they have obtained a grant which will be paid later, when they make the registration application they must indicate that they are making the payment of the full amount of the registration by one of the methods of payment established (transfer, credit card, etc.) and indicate in the “Comments” section the amount of the grant and the entity granting it. The amount not covered by the grant must be paid when sending the registration by the method of payment indicated; the amount of the grant will be deferred until it is paid by the granting entity.

Instalment payment: Spanish students or those legally resident in Spain can make use of the payment system which enables them to pay the registration fee in ten equal monthly instalments, by means of the use of the financing plan arranged with most banks and savings banks. In this type of instalment payment, every €1,000 deferred results in a monthly payment of approximately €102.07.

Instalment payment can be requested for any amount: part of the registration sum can be paid (by means of direct debit, cheque, bank transfer or credit card) whilst a request can be made to pay the remaining sum in instalments, or a request can be made to pay the entire amount in instalments.

In any case, administration fees (95 €) must also be paid when the registration amount is paid in cash (direct debit, cheque or transfer).

Loans and bank credits: The Student Aid Office (Admission Service) has gathered a wide selection of information about loans and bank credit from various entities.

More information

Other entities may also offer loans on similar terms. Usually, students make the consultation at the bank or savings bank of which they are customers in the first place. In any case, students must apply for the loan sufficiently in advance, so that they can have the amount of the registration fee on the day it must be formalised, and then pay it to the University.

Students who choose this option must indicate it when formalising their registration.