Admission profile

Students must prove compliance with the legal requirements to enrol in official master’s degree studies.

General profile
Students, Spanish and foreign, who verify compliance with the legal access requirements detailed in article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/2007, amended by Royal Decree 861/2010.

Students must have an official Spanish undergraduate degree or another issued by an educational institution in the European Higher Education Area.

Likewise, graduates of education systems which are not part to the European Higher Education Area can also access this Master's Degree without the need to have their degrees approved, with the prior verification by the University that they have an education level equivalent to the relevant Spanish official university degrees and they are entitled, in the degree's issuing country, to access postgraduate education. Under no circumstances will access through this path imply that the previous degree held by the interested party has been approved or recognised for any purpose other than undertaking this Master's programme.

Characteristics and requirements
The recommended student profile for the Master's Degree in Management of Pharma-Biotech Companies is a recent graduate or bachelor's degree in health sciences or related, who wants to focus their professional career on management areas within the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sector. Professionals of the sector with a university degree and little professional experience (1 or 2 years) who want to take a quantum leap in their career also suit the profile.

In addition, applicants must have the following characteristics:
· Accredit a B2 level (or similar) in English.
  Ability to work individually and in a team.
· Intellectual curiosity and ability to understand relations between persons and their environment.
- Initiative and motivation to search for quality and excellence in their work, respecting professional ethics and intellectual integrity.

Special conditions or tests
Students with specific educational needs due to disabilities will have an academic advisor in the admissions process who will evaluate the need for possible curricular, pathway or alternative study adaptations.

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