Guideline 0: Quality Policy and Objectives

P0.1: Process for the creation and review of the quality policy and objectives (PDF 81K)

P0.2: Process for the management of documents and evidence (PDF 117K)


Guideline 1: Quality Control for Training Programs

P1.1: Process for creating and reforming degree programs (PDF. 342K)

P1.2: Process for controlling and periodically reviewing training programs (PDF 206K)

P1.3: Process for withdrawing a degree program (PDF 70K)


Guideline 2: Orientation of Teaching to Students

P2.1: Process for defining student admission profiles (PDF 274K)

P2.2: Student orientation process (PDF 198K)

P2.3: Teaching development process (PDF 184K)

P2.6: Process for managing and reviewing career guidance (PDF 77K)

P2.7: Process for managing and reviewing internships included in the curriculum (PDF 610K)

P2.8: Process for managing and reviewing incidents, complaints and suggestions (PDF 159K)

P2.9: Job placement process (PDF 151K)


Guideline 3: Quality Assurance and Improvement for Academic and Teaching Support Staff Members

P3.1: Process for defining the policy on academic staff and Administrative and Service Personnel (PAS) (PDF 102K)

P3.2: Process for selecting and hiring academic staff members (PDF 299K)

P3.3: Process for selecting and hiring Administrative and Service Personnel (PAS) (PDF 97K)

P3.4: Process for assessing, promoting and recognizing academic staff members (PDF 582K) (PDF 222K)

P3.5: Process for assessing, promoting and recognizing Administrative and Service Personnel (PAS) (PDF 74K)

P3.6: Process for training academic staff members (PDF 150K)

P3.7: Process for training Administrative and Service Personnel (PAS) (PDF 78K)


Guideline 4: Management and Improvement of Material Resources and Services

P4.1: Process for managing services (PDF 157K)

P4.2: Process for managing material resources (PDF 178K)


Guideline 5: Analysis and Use of Results

P5.1: Process for measuring results (PDF 256K)

P5.2: Process for analyzing results and continuous improvement (PDF 342K)


Guideline 6: Publication of Information About Degree Programs

P6.1: Public information process (PDF 71K)