Comisión de Garantía de Calidad del Máster

Official name of the degree program: Master’s Degree in Curatorial Studies

Subject area: Art, Philosophy

Academic center: Museum University of Navarra


Number of places available: 25

ECTS credits: 60

Theory and practical subjects: All subjects in the master’s degree, including so-called theory subjects, follow a methodology that is highly practical in nature and makes use of exercises, simulations and projects.

  • Modules 1 and 2: 44 theory ECTS credits and 4 practical ECTS credits.

  • Module 3: 8 ECTS credits for the Master’s Thesis Project and 4 practical ECTS credits.

Duration: 1 year (October to September)

Format: On-campus (on-campus classes run from October to May)

Languages: Spanish and English (B2)



The introduction of a new degree program requires that the corresponding application be submitted to the Council of Universities. This marks the start of the verification process, which involves ANECA (the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation) assessing the verification report, in which the University outlines the characteristics of the degree program (curriculum, access and admission rules, human resources, etc.).

Following the verification process, the degree program requires authorization from the autonomous community before it can be introduced. Once it has been authorized, it is then listed in the Registry of Universities, Centers and Qualifications (RUCT).

The initial accreditation of master’s degrees is subject to renewal every four years.

*Links to the verification report and individual reports issued as part of the different processes can be found below:


Verification by the Council of Universities (133KB PDF) 


Verification report for the degree program (955 KB PDF)


Verification report (85 KB PDF)


Miembros de la Comisión:
Nieves Acedo
Lourdes Flamarique
Maria Ozcoidi
Sara del Moral
Laura Carapeto