The purpose of the European Master's Degree in Food Science, Nutrition and Metabolism (E-MENU) is to provide specific training that will enable graduates to work effectively in various areas related to nutrition and its related disciplines, both as professionals and as researchers. It aims to:

1. Equip students with the specialized training needed to be able to perform research and academic activities related to issues in food and health.

2. Train students to become professionals capable of joining multidisciplinary teams and who apply critical thinking to bibliographic searches, statistical analyses of results, and the development and application of new technologies.

3. Introduce students to the use of cutting-edge resources and techniques for research management and for staying up to date on issues in nutrition and health.

4. Promote the development of critical thinking skills in the application of the scientific method.

5. Improve students' knowledge in a way that broadens their employment opportunities in the field of research, as well as in businesses, advisory services, universities, laboratories and research centers associated with the field of food and health.