Applicant profile

Perfil de Acceso - Máster Europeo en Alimentación, Nutrición y Metabolismo

Students must provide proof of meeting the following legal requirements for entrance to official master's degree programs:

General profile
Spanish and international students who accredit fulfillment of the legal entrance requirements stipulated in Article 16 of RD 1393/2007.

  • Such students must hold an official Spanish university qualification or a qualification issued by an institution of higher education in the European Higher Education Area.

  • Graduates of educational systems outside the European Higher Education Area may also enter the program without need for official recognition of their qualification after the University has confirmed that the qualification reflects a level of education equivalent to the respective official Spanish university qualification and that the qualification authorizes the student to enroll in graduate-level programs in the issuing country. Entrance into the program via this route in no way implies the official recognition of the student's previous degree for purposes other than pursuing the master's degree program.

Academic Characteristics
The recommended applicant profile includes those who hold degrees in Pharmacy, Medicine, Nutrition, Biology, Food Science and Technology, Veterinary Medicine, Biochemistry and Chemistry, and other equivalent degrees, who are interested in acquiring an in-depth understanding of food, nutrition and health.

  • It is desirable for students to possess an intermediate level of oral and written English comprehension, which should be demonstrated through a diploma equivalent to the intermediate level of the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (B1).

Personal Characteristics
It is desirable for students to have intellectual interests that drive them to seek further education in the scientific foundations of nutrition and human metabolism, and the application of this knowledge to common illnesses that afflict adults and children.

  • Students should be driven to pursue quality and excellence in their work and should possess the initiative and ability to critically evaluate relevant literature within the scientific field; they should also be able to apply critical, logical and creative thinking in their work.

  • Respect for professional ethics and intellectual integrity.

Special conditions or special admission tests
Applicants with special educational needs from a disability will have access to an academic tutor during the admission process. The tutor will consider the need of any curriculum adaptations.

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