Student profile

Perfil de ingreso

The recommended student profile is:

- Architecture graduates or similar.

- Civil or Building Engineering graduates or similar that have at least one year’s professional experience in the design of architecture projects.

Students must have knowledge of architectural projects and interest for the aesthetic speculation and theory of architecture, understanding it as a cultural phenomenon. Furthermore, they must have a B2 level of English or equivalent.

Likewise, the students that wish to enroll on the University Master's Degree in Theory and Architectural Design (MtDA) must have the following characteristics:

- Ability to work individually and in a team.

- Intellectual curiosity and ability to understand relations between people and their surroundings.

- Initiative and motivation to search for quality and excellence in their work, respect for professional ethics and intellectual integrity.

These are the basic requirements to apply for the Master's Degree, as established in articles 16 and 17 of the Royal Decree 1393/2007, modified by Royal Decree 861/2010 of 2 July. These establish:

Article 16. Access to official master's degree education

1. To access official master’s degree education, candidates must have obtained an official university degree in Spain or any official degree issued by a Higher Education Institution within the European Higher Education Area that makes a student eligible to take a Master's Degree.

2. Likewise, graduates of education systems which are not part to the European Higher Education Area may also access this Master's Degree without the need to have their degrees approved, with the prior verification by the University that they have an education level equivalent to the relevant Spanish official university degrees and they are entitled, in the degree's issuing country, to access postgraduate education. Under no circumstances shall access through this path imply that the previous degree held by the interested party has been approved or recognized for any purpose other than undertaking this Master's program.

Article 17. Access to official master's degree education

1. Students may be admitted to a master’s degree pursuant to the specific requirements and assessment criteria established by the University Master's Degree or by the university.

2. The University will include the admission procedures and requirements in the syllabus, among which the additional training in some disciplines may figure, depending on the prior training accredited by the student. Said additional training may make up part of the Master's Degree providing that that total number of credits is not above 120.

In any case, whether they make up part of the Master's Degree or not, the credits corresponding to the additional training will, for the purposes of public prices and granting of scholarships or financial aid, be considered as a Master's Degree level credit.

3. These systems and procedures must include, in the case of students with special educational needs derived from disability, the suitable support and mentoring services, that will evaluate the need of possible curricular or specialization adaptations or alternative studies.

4. Under no circumstances shall admission imply the modification of the academic, and professional if the case may be, dimensions that correspond to the previous degree held by the interested party, nor its recognition for any purpose other than undertaking this Master's program.