University Master's Degree in Theory and Architectural Design


Before starting the admission process, we recommend that you request an informative interview via Skype. This way you will be able to ask all the questions you have about the program and its convenience for your professional career.

Admission open for academic year 21/22.

The admissions process involves a complete evaluation of your profile, taking into account for the academic merits accredited on the online application and the portfolio presented.

The application process is currently open, although the possibility of being accepted onto the Master's Degree is subject to the existence of places.

Online Application

Solicitud de admisión

The admissions process starts when you send your online application. For this you have to register on the MiUnav portal and upload the required documentation.

  • A passport photo.

  • A photocopy of your Spanish Identity Card (DNI) or passport.

  • An official academic certificate of your undergraduate qualifications. Said document must be issued, stamped and signed by the academic authorities of the home university. It must be an original and certified document. Copies or documents generated via web pages are not accepted as the lack academic validity.

  • Curriculum vitae. A document no more than 2 pages long that outlines the candidate’s academic and professional experience.

  • A cover letter. A document in which the candidate explains their academic and professional experiences and the reasons for which they are applying for the University Master’s Degree in Theory and Architectural Design at the Universidad de Navarra.

  • Two recommendation letters. Documents signed by qualified people in the academic or professional field that vouch for the candidate’s ability to successfully undertake the Master's Degree.

  • €100 admission fees.

Sending the Portfolio

Envío del porfolio

The portfolio gathers the candidate’s most important academic and/or professional projects, publications and work (3D computer graphics and/or images of models, floors, elevations and sections). The individual or collective authorship for each of these must be included. On the first page the complete name of the candidate must be stated and the university where they completed their undergraduate degree. The portfolio may be presented as a .pdf file or housed via a url.

The candidate must send the .pdf file or link to the email address: with the subject of the email: NameSurname1_portfolio.

The sending of said email DOES NOT constitute accreditation of having presented the portfolio. Accreditation is in the form of a confirmation email that the candidate receives after the portfolio has been correctly received.



When the application is complete (online application + portfolio), the University Master's Degree in Theory and Architectural Design’s candidate selection committee will assess the candidate’s profile pursuant to the following criteria:

Academic record: 40%

Portfolio and curriculum vitae: 60%

La comisión de selección de candidatos está formada por el director y subdirector del máster y un responsable del Servicio de Admisión de la Universidad de Navarra.

The decision will be sent via email and can be viewed on the miUNAV portal



Si el candidato es admitido, deberá realizar su prematrícula en el máster (reserva de plaza) en el plazo establecido mediante el pago de un depósito de 3.000€, importe que se descuenta del precio total de la matrícula.

El abono de la prematrícula es de carácter no retornable y se formaliza siguiendo las indicaciones del Portal miUNAV.



Admitted candidates can formalize their enrollment by means of the Portal MiUnav from July 2021.

When formalizing the enrollment, the candidate must present the undergraduate degree certificate that gives them access to the Master's Degree or the receipt of having requested it.