Practicum: practicas + trabajo de fin de master

This module is interdisciplinary in nature and seeks to put master's degree students in contact with the reality of the educational system and give them firsthand experience with different aspects of psycho-pedagogical intervention: assessment and diagnosis (collecting information from the family, from the student, evaluation of the diagnostic process), intervention programs, school integration, case analysis.

Internships for the Official Master's Degree in Educational and Psychological Intervention will be done at various Spanish, European and American schools with which the Department of Education‑ at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences has signed partnership agreements.

Internships are an eminently practical educational activity that enable master's degree students to be truly immersed in the daily work of educational intervention.


Students may choose from one of the following placement types:

  • Work placement for a minimum period of 2 months from the end of March.

  • Placements abroad: international placements will be found for interested students as long as requirements regarding language skills and course marks are met.  

From the start of their placement and throughout, students should complete the following tasks:

  • Initial Project that should be worked on personally with the University Placement Tutor.

  • Final Master´s Project.

  • The Final Projects are handed in personally to the corresponding University Placement Tutor once their Practicum has finished (within one week of this date).

  • Self-assessment questionnaire for the student to evaluate the quality of the work placement and their specific tasks. It should be handed in personally to their University Placement Tutor once their Practicum has finished (within one week of this date).

Types of work placement centres*

  • Orientation departments in charter schools

  • Special Education Centres

  • Associations and services for people with disabilities (Down's Syndrome, disorders on the autism spectrum, etc.).

  • Psycho-educational intervention offices

  • Centres for students with hearing disabilities

  • Hospital classrooms

  • Inclusive programmes within Higher Education

Master's Thesis Project

The Master's Thesis Project will be aimed at assessing the general competences associated with the master's degree program.

It will be done under the supervision of a professor from the Official Master's Degree in Educational and Psychological Intervention and will be defended publically and orally at the end of the academic year.