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Intended mainly for graduates holding pedagogy, psycho-pedagogy, psychology, education and social work degrees, the Master's Degree in Educational and Psychological Intervention comprises 60 ECTS.

As indicated in previous sections, this is a Master's Degree including professional and research aspects where students receive rigorous, advanced academic and professional training in the areas of development and education psychology, psychology of learning, neuro-psychology, guidance, educational assessment and special education. The Official Master's Degree in Educational and Psychological Intervention trains professionals who wish to specialise in:

 Diagnosis and treatment of development disorders and learning difficulties in socio-educational or clinical contexts.

 Design of programmes focussed on prevention and development.

The basic requirements to apply for entry to the Master's course are:

 Hold a Degree or another equivalent, specifically declared, qualification.

 Send a duly certified CV featuring the applicant's academic achievements and professional experience.

 Send two recommendation letters from teachers or superiors.

 Complete a Master's course entry questionnaire, language skills are welcomed (particularly English)

 Pay €90 for processing costs (necessary to obtain the decision)

 The Master's course Executive Board will be responsible for assessing achievements for admission. When deemed appropriate, the applicant might be requested to attend a personal interview.

Students will be selected in accordance with the weighted assessment of the following aspects:

 Academic CV (70%)

 Professional CV (20%)

 Letters of recommendation (10%)

The admission period runs until all 25 places are filled. The admissions application is carried out online; this requires prior registration on the “My Unav” portal, then the Admission Application should be completed for this Master's course.

My Unav: https://miportal.unav.edu/

After completing your application and sending off the questionnaire to the Master's Board, it will be studied and you will be informed whether your application was successful. Admission does not ensure you a place. You must enrol in order to secure your place.