Audiovisual entertainment and fictional stories are of paramount importance in modern culture.

The Master's Degree in Screenplays for Film and Television (MGA: Spanish acronym) includes basic learning objectives, as well as a set of specific skills that students must acquire.

Basic learning objectives:

  • To acquire the habit of writing and master the art of audiovisual entertainment and fiction screenplays.

  • To develop analytical skills and acquire cultural education and knowledge of the audiovisual market as an indispensable accompaniment to the creative side of screenwriters' work.

  • To reflect on the nature of audiovisual creative writing in order to understand its key personal and social implications.

  • To embrace values and ethical attitudes that demonstrate profound respect for the truth, freedom and human dignity in order to practice the profession responsibly.

The development of specific skills will prepare students to:

  • Write fluent synopses, step outlines, treatments, screenplays and other fiction and entertainment texts for all audiovisual media formats, including interactive formats, with fluency.

  • Recognize links between screenwriting and other arts, such as literature, drama, painting and music, and identify links to existing stories by studying examples from the history of drama.

  • Write with consideration for the factors that affect the work of screenwriters in other phases of the audiovisual creative process.

  • Write for specific formats: animation, adaptations, short films, commercials, documentaries, interactive screenplays, etc.

  • Analyze screenplays and evaluate the dramatic potential of literary texts.

  • Argue and defend rhetorically the feasibility of an audiovisual project.

  • Lead the development of audiovisual projects and display a capacity to work as part of a team and reconcile personal views with the other members of the team.

  • Successfully manage timescales in order to meet deadlines in a demanding professional environment.

  • Understand the profession of the screenwriter as a service to people and society, promoting respect for human dignity and encouraging the values of a culture of solidarity and democracy.



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Coordinadora de Programas Máster

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