Partner companies


Bambu Producciones website

A production company led by Ramón Campos dedicated to developing and producing fiction projects for television. Its latest productions include Gran Reserva and Hispania.


Screen21 website

A Barcelona-based animation studio belonging to the BRB Group. It has developed a wide variety of projects, including Bernard, Khuda-Yana and Iron Kid.


BigBang Media website

A production company that has made TV programs for the channel Tele 5, including Me Cambio de Familia and De Buena Ley, and the fiction series Fuera de Juego.


Formato Producciones website

The company has created cinema projects (Mia Sarah, Ways to Live Forever), TV movies (Volver a Casa), documentary series and TV programs.


El Toro Pictures website

Movie production company due to release Lope, one of the biggest movies in the history of Spanish cinema, this year. El Toro Pictures also produced the animated feature film Tadeo Jones.

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