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ACSP Scholarships

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The Architectural and Construction Scholarships Program (ACSP) is a scholarship program for students pursuing the Master's Degree in Environmental Management and Building Design (MDGAE: Spanish acronym). The following companies participate in the ACSP program:

Gold Company




Silver Company


The aspiration of the ACSP is to allow companies committed to the development of more sustainable building practices to participate in the training of professionals who specialize in the application of measures that reduce the impact of construction on the environment.

This scholarship program strengthens one of the goals of the MDGAE: the link between the master's degree and the business world, encouraging an association among training, research, businesses and innovation. This link implies that the master's degree is conceived as a training program that works in harmony with the demands of the real world of the profession and means that MDGAE graduates can carry out their jobs more effectively within the companies where they work.

ACSP scholarships offset 50% of the total registration fee for the master's degree program and are intended for Spanish students.


  • Characteristics of the financial aid

    The scholarships are intended to offset 50% of the total registration fee for the MDGAE program.

    The financial aid awarded through this program can be applied only to the registration fee and can be combined with any other scholarship or financial aid that the recipient receives, except financial aid that is the product of agreements between the University and businesses or institutions. The total of all scholarships awarded may not exceed the amount of the MDGAE registration fee; if this occurs, the difference will be subtracted from the financial aid under this program.

    Applicants are required to apply for all public or private scholarships for which they meet the application conditions.


  • Requirements for applicants

    1. Applicants must hold a degree in architecture, construction engineering or another engineering discipline at the time the application is submitted.

    2. Students who are completing their final year in Architecture, Construction Engineering or other engineering disciplines during the 2013-2014 academic year may also apply for the scholarship. In this case, the scholarship award will be contingent upon successful completion of this program of study by the time the master's degree program commences, including the Final Year Project or Undergraduate Thesis.

    3. Applicants must meet the admission requirements for the MGDAE.

    4. Applicants must have previously applied for admission to the MDGAE, and the application must be complete. The actual awarding of the scholarship will take place when registration is formalized; the amount owed will be reduced by 50%, provided the student has enrolled in the number of credits required for the MDGAE curriculum.

    5. Applicants must have received a minimum GPA of 6 (on a scale of 0 to 10 points) or 1.5 (on a scale of 0 to 4 points) in the degree program that enables students to undertake the master's degree.

    6. If this scholarship is awarded, students agree to pay the pre-registration fee to reserve their place in the MDGAE (non-refundable), and to formalize their registration during the period stipulated by the administrative office of the master's degree program.

  • Documentation

    To apply for the scholarship, the candidate must submit the following documentation:

    1. Printed copy of the application form, properly filled out. (pdf)

    2. Photocopy of National Identity Document (Spanish students) or passport (international students).

    3. Applicants who have been awarded their degree must include a photocopy of their degree scroll or the receipt for having applied for it.

    4. Photocopy of the academic transcript specifying all subjects taken and their grades, with the final GPA.

    5. Résumé.

    6. An essay explaining the candidate's plan of studies and professional development. In this essay, applicants must state the reasons they wish to pursue the MDGAE.

  • Submitting application

    Applications must be received at the University of Navarra School of Architecture before May 15, 2014.

    Applications may be submitted in person or by post to the following address:

    3rd ACSP Scholarship

    School of Architecture. University of Navarra Campus

    31009 Pamplona, Spain 

    Applications that arrive after this deadline or that are submitted by email or fax will not be considered.

  • Assessment

    The assessment of each application will consider the following aspects:

    • Academic record: 5 points
    • Plan of studies report: 3 points
    • Résumé: 2 points

    The selection committee reserves the right to request any other additional documentation that will aid in the proper assessment of the application, as well as the right to require the applicant to participate in an interview, either in person or via telephone or Skype.

  • Decision

    • The committee's decision will be communicated to all applicants prior to June 4, 2014.
    • Students who are awarded scholarships must notify their acceptance of the scholarship by email to before June 13, 2014.
    • At the time the scholarship is awarded, the MDGAE Management may require recipients to pay all or part of the remaining registration fee not covered by this scholarship.
    • This call for applications may be declared null and void for any of the scholarships offered if the selection committee considers it appropriate.


  • Recipients' commitment

    Scholarship recipients agree to fulfill the following obligations:

    1. Enroll in and complete the MDGAE.

    2. If the School of Architecture organizes a scholarship award ceremony, the recipient is required to attend this event in person. If the recipient is unable to attend for good cause, he/she must notify the MDGAE Management.

    3. Scholarship recipients consent to allow the University of Navarra School of Architecture to publish their names on the website and in any publications it deems appropriate.

    4. The submission of the application implies acceptance and fulfillment of all the regulations.