Given the research nature of this master’s program, the teaching methods used differ from those of other professionally oriented programs, such as the Master’s Degree in Business Law and the Master’s Degree in Tax Consultancy.

The different methods and the resources available to the students are the best in the area of training for research.

On a day-to-day basis, students will have lectures, individual and group work, personal interviews with the professor, exams to assess the competences acquired and, in the final phase of the course, they will have to prepare a Master’s Thesis Project, which may be carried out at a foreign institution, and to defend their thesis before an academic tribunal.

The opportunity to work side by side with a personal tutor is unquestionably one of the features that makes this master’s program stand out. The tutor is a professor in the program who helps students focus their work by supervising their learning throughout the academic year, helping with writing the different parts of the project that must be completed during the year, giving advice, responding to queries, and addressing the concerns of the student researchers.

Personal mentoring ensures a more satisfactory level of learning and better results.

The University of Navarra has different libraries in several campus buildings that provide users with access to a wide range of services adapted to the needs of students and researchers.

The Main Library has one of the largest collections of legal documents of any university in Spain. It includes books, specialized journals and state-of-the-art digital resources.