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Association of Public Relations and Communication Consultancies (ADECEC)

An independent, non-profit organization founded in January 1991 by a group of professionals representing the main public relations consultancy companies in Spain.

The companies that make up ADECEC carry out activities in the field of public relations and communication in Spain and at the international level. As the industry representative, ADECEC's mission is to maintain the good name of the profession and the people who work in it, and help develop the practice of public relations in Spain.

Association of Communication Directors (DirCom)



DirCom is a professional, non-profit organization that brings together the communications directors at Spain's top companies and institutions, as well as the senior managers of communication consultancies. Its aim is to promote recognition of communications and the communications professional as a strategic role for the development and management of companies and institutions.

DirCom is a member of the Spanish Confederation of Managers and Executives (CEDE) and a founding member of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management.


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