Advisory Committee

The Master's Degree in Political and Corporate Communication (MCPC) has an Advisory Committee made up of executives from prestigious companies in the industry.

As well as the Management Committee, the main management body for the master's program, there is an Advisory Committee made up of renowned professionals in the fields of political and corporate communication who meet with the master's program coordinator at least once a year.

Their tasks include:

  • Advising the master's program coordinator on the quality of the teaching plan in terms of its content and methodologies.

  • Making proposals for the improvement of the program based on labor market needs and new trends.

  • Suggesting short- and medium-term actions and strategies for positioning the master's program in the market.

  • Helping provide teaching materials, practical case studies, etc., that contribute to the training of students.

  • Providing contacts for collaboration with other people or organizations.

  • Fostering lines of action in relation to former students.

Ángel Alloza

Antonio Cornadó

Teresa Dorn

Jaume Giró

Antoni Gutiérrez-Rubí

Isabel López Triana

Laura Ruiz de Galarreta

Gabriela Salinas

Montserrat Tarrés

José Manuel Velasco

 Luis Arroyo

Sebastián Cebrián

Adrián Cordero

Antonio López

Miguel López-Quesada

Carlos Paniagua

 Miguel Robledo

Agustí de Uribe