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The Master's Degree in Political and Corporate Communication (MCPC) does not end with the graduation ceremony. The nearly one hundred former students form a key part of the master's program.

Miguel Querol MCPC '05
Corporate Affairs Coordinator 
Zed Worldwide. Madrid

"The MCPC strikes a perfect balance between training and the professional integration of its students. Over time, the classes and the contacts you make start to take on more meaning; without a shadow of a doubt, choosing this master's degree has been my best career decision so far."


Manuel Costa MCPC '05
Head of Public & Corporate Affairs, Communications & Corporate
Responsibility Department
Ferrovial. Madrid

"As well as enhancing your training, studying a master's degree should prepare you for the professional reality that awaits you. The MCPC achieves both of these objectives. Through multidisciplinary training and a sound approach to the world of corporate and political communication, students rise to the challenge of confronting the professional world with complete success."


Magda García MCPC '05
Communications Department
The World Bank. Washington DC

"The knowledge I gained from the professors and communications managers I came into contact with on the master's program has allowed me to work in corporate communications for a PR firm in Washington DC and now in the area of communications at the World Bank."

Nancy Pérez Segura MCPC '05
Ostos & Sola México
México DF

"Over time, you start to realize just how much a master's program can change your life. You can see in your daily work how much you've grown as a person and how it has served as a professional springboard. I never would have imagined that I'd have the opportunity to understand the complex workings of image, advertising and media in my own country's government. Studying the MCPC was definitely the right decision."


Ana Isabel Martínez MCPC '06
Founder of Goodwill Comunicaciones
Bogotá (Colombia)

"What started out as a dream while studying the master's program has become a reality: I've created my own reputation management and communications consultancy and I'm very happy."


Astrid Regojo MCPC '07
Associate Director. Comunicación y Relaciones Institucionales.
Kreab & Gavin Anderson. Madrid

"The partnership with George Washington University is the jewel in the MCPC's crown. It's worth doing it for that month alone. It gives you a comprehensive set of political knowledge that is highly attractive. Visiting the Capitol, attending a session of the House of Representatives, having professors who are involved in lobbying and help you put what you've learned into context."


Ana María Yáñez MCPC '07
The High Council for Communications, Office of the President of Colombia, Bogotá
"The MCPC offers a comprehensive education in two fields that complement each other perfectly. Although I was initially interested in corporate communication, I discovered that political communication is a pretty competitive area in the labor market. It's difficult to find such a complete, high-quality program. It even gives you the opportunity to build on your knowledge in Washington, at the very heart of the political world."


Mireia Guardiola MCPC '07
Communications Department
La Caixa Foundation. Barcelona

"Experts from the world of communications and excellent classmates from every corner of the planet taught me how to become a better professional, and more importantly, a better person. It's definitely worth investing a year of your life in the MCPC."

Stavros Georgakarakos MCPC '07
Department of Communications and Institutional Relations
Inditex. Arteixo (A Coruña)

"The MCPC gives you the keys to professional practice together with the most valuable knowledge in academic research. It reveals the secrets of a profession that's indispensable in today's society and promotes the ethical values that set a good communicator apart. It provides multidisciplinary and truly international on-the-job training thanks to a partnership with George Washington University and its prestigious professors."


Rosana Moreno MCPC '08
Information and Communication.
Directorate General of Health and Consumer Comisión Europea. Bruselas

"After a great deal of research and comparison, I settled on this master's program because it seemed like the best. Right from the outset, the quality of the program, the content, the resources and the professors is evident. It helped me expand my professional horizons, to aim higher and to feel truly capable of achieving much more ambitious goals than before. Thanks to the MCPC, I've been able to fulfill my dream of working at top communication consultancies and now for the European Commission. I hope the doors to success keep opening in the near future."


Daniel Mehrad MCPC '09
Senior Consultant Political Intelligence. Madrid
"Although they are different disciplines, the world of lobbying and institutional relations has always been closely linked to the world of communication. There are no specialized programs in Spain yet, but the MCPC gave me the opportunity to learn some of the basic tools needed to pursue a career in lobbying. I've definitely still got a long way to go, but the MCPC has been the perfect starting point".