Máster Universitario en Banca y Regulación Financiera

  • Formacion In Company

Formacion In company
  • The Master in Banking and Financial Regulation, in permanent contact with the industry, gives ad hoc training to professionals in the financial sector. These taylor-made courses are designed by our Academic Director in collaboration with industry, building bridges between the academic world and finance.


Some of our courses:

La composición y el funcionamiento de los órganos de gobierno de las instituciones constituyen piezas claves en el Gobierno Corporativo de las instituciones. Los miembros de los órganos de Gobierno deben poseer conocimientos y habilidades tanto de manera individual como colectiva, que hagan del desarrollo de sus obligaciones un apropiado control sobre la gestión y la estrategia de la institución.

Programa de Formación Continua, para cubrir la obligación de formación a la que se van a enfrentar los miembros no ejecutivos de los órganos de Gobierno de las instituciones financieras. El programa está diseñado de una manera holística, y pretende abarcar los conocimientos mínimos necesarios para poder interpretar y valorar los riesgos en los que incurre una institución financiera en el normal funcionamiento de su actividad.

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The composition and function of the governing bodies are key elements in the corporate governance of institutions.  Members of the governing bodies must possess the knowledge and skills both individually and collectively, in order to fulfil their obligations to exercise the adequate control over the management and strategy of the institution

Executive Program to cover the obligation of training which will face the non-executive members of the governing bodies of financial institutions. The program is designed in a holistic manner, and aims to cover the basic knowledge required to interpret and evaluate the risks incurred by a financial institution in the normal operation of their business.

An on-site 200 hour program for Deloitte's third year auditors of financial institutions. The teaching period extends over two academic years, adapting to labor peaks of the audit profession

Intensive course on internal models, designed to inspectors of the European Central Bank, Single Supervisory Mechanism SSM.

Banking Supervision Program designed by the Valencian Institute of Finance.

Course on the effect of the price of credit risk derived from the implementation of IFRS 9 [Programa].

Curso de duración anual para los profesionales de la Unidad de Regulación Financiera de PwC.

Securing our cyber-space is an increasingly important need for every business and for modern society. This seminar is tailored to give executives a comprehensive understanding of the changing cyber security challenge.

The seminar provides an overview of the global evolving field of cybersecurity. This seminar brings together a unique combination of leading experts and experienced senior cyber security professionals in the files of technology, policy, law, regulation and more.

By translating information thought in the classroom to relevant simulations, executives will get a broad understanding that no textbook can provide.

The seminar includes two modules totaling 15-16 lecture hours over two days (October the 23rd and the 24th) at University de Navarra Madrid Campus (Marquesado de Santa Marta nr 3, 28027 Madrid)



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