Scholarships and financial aid

Scholarships and financial aid

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Cost and Scholarships Study

  • Description: The Cost and Scholarships Study offered by the University of Navarra, is an advisory tool by which future students can find out their tuition amount and the possibilities of scholarships and funding that they can get.
  • Geographic Area: no restrictions.
  • Discount: Depending on the family income voucher and the academic record, the candidate has access to personalized financing of up to 52% of the tuition fee. Regardless of other complementary scholarships to which the candidate may apply.
  • Deadline: works on a rolling basis throughout the year. It is recommended to send the application to the scholarship in parallel to the application for admission to the master.
  • Application process
  1. Complete the application to the master through myUNAV 
  2. Within myUNAV, in the "Help / Contact" section, attach the pdf with the 2018 income statement.
  3. Study. The Financial Aid Office of the University of Navarra will request any additional information if necessary.
  4. More information. The Financial Aid Office will give you information on other scholarships that you can apply for.


Audience: European and Latin American students with a good academic record.

Amount: 25% of the registration fee. Aimed at students enrolled in the official master's degrees covered by this scholarship process that are taught on the Pamplona, San Sebastian and Madrid campuses of the University of Navarra.


El plazo para solicitar esta beca es del 19 de mayo al 19 de junio de 2020. 



Audience: Alumni of the University of Navarra who are members of the University of Navarra Alumni Association when registering.

Amount: 12% direct discount on the registration fee.

Audience: students across the state, except the Basque Country.

Amount : mobility aids , residence , movement , books and tuition

Audience: Students from families of Navarra. Complementary to the Ministry of Education Scholarship .

Amount : Grants for residence, travel, dining and tuition .

Audience: students who are residents in the Basque Country .

Amount : Grants for residence, travel, books and tuition .

Audience: Spanish applicants residing abroad .

Audience: Spanish graduates and graduates who wish to further their studies in Universities and Spaniards and foreigners in the fields of economics, law and international relations research.

Audience: all Spanish citizens who are beginning or finishing their extended studies abroad or in Spain and are in possession of a degree or postgraduate qualification, or analogue certificate, in the Bank of Spain's judgement.

Audience: Guatemalan students.


Audience: Students of Mexican nationals who want to pursue an MBA at IESE Business School .

Audience: Chilean students . Average rating 5/7 . Convenes in March. It covers tuition , travel and some expenses (insurance, books, etc. . ) .

Audience: Ecuadorian students can apply between June and August.

  • Audience: Spanish students who can not get any other scholarship or grant .

This call is intended to fund the costs involved in training in Spanish universities to foreign students.

Audience: Students taking a Masters or Doctoral Training Program , and then incorporated as PhD students at the University of Navarra.

Amount : deferral of 80 % of tuition , discount convertible in defending the thesis at the University .

The University of Navarra is accredited to certify loans belonging to William D. Ford Direct Loan Program of the Department of Education of the United States .

Target : U.S. students who are studying for Bachelor, Master or PhD .

Students interested must contact with Ana Beatriz Delgado contact ( ) to specify the type of loan you want to apply , amount and other details .

Preferential credit to students accepted into master's programs at the University of Navarra.

Provides funding masters at the University of Navarra programs , through soft loans. Beneficiaries also get a 10% discount on tuition.

Destinatarios: ser nacional de algún país de América Latina miembro de la Comunidad Iberoamericana de Naciones o de Portugal.