Agenda - 2017

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Conference. Dr. Iker Zuriguel presents an invited talk at "Dynamics of self-orgnization: from colloids to biomaterials" in the University of Barcelona (Spain).

Conference. Dr. Iker Zuriguel presents an invited talk at the University of Carlos III (Spain).


Conference. Dr. Iker Zuriguel presents an invited talk at the Centre for Integrative Biology (CBI) in Toulouse (France).

Visit. Hiroaki Katsuragi, from Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Nagoya University (Japan), gives the seminar “Obstacle in a two-dimensional granular silo: detouring and slow drag”.

Visit. Claudia Colonnello, from Simon Bolívar University (Venezuela), gives the seminar “Dynamics of silo collapse”.

Visit. Miro Kramar, from INRIA (Francie, gives the seminar “Morse Decompositions of Global Dynamics from Image Data”.


Conference. Dr.Raúl Cruz attends PARTICLES 2017 (Hannover, Germany). He presents “Rheology of non-sphericaldowninclined planes”.


Stay. Dr. Diego Maza visits the University of San Luis (Argentina).

Conference.Dr. Iker Zuriguel presents an invited talk at Powders and Grains 2017. (Montpellier. France).


Visit. Dr. Luis A. Pugnaloni, from Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Argentina).

Published Paper.D. Gella, D. Maza, I. Zuriguel "Role of the particle size in the kinematic properties of silo flow"Physical Review E 95, 052904 (2017).

Visit. Dr. Charles Reichhardt, fromCenter for Nonlinear Studies and Theoretical Division. Los AlamosNationalLaboratory (USA).


Visit. Dr. Paolo Malgaretti, from Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (Germany).


Conference: Prof. Iker Zuriguel attends APS March Meeging (Nueva Orleans, USA).

Conference: Prof. Diego Maza and Ángel GarcimartínattendFises 2017 (Sevilla, Spain).

Visits. Javier Pérez, from Universidad de Sevilla (Spain).

Visits.MatíasFernández, from Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Argentina), Dr. Alexandre Nicolas, from CNRS (Francia), Dr. Daniel Parisi, from ITBA (Argentina), visit the Department of Physics and Applied Mathematics of the University of Navarra.

Stay. Dr. José Ramón Darias, from Universidad Simón  Bolívar (Venezuela), staysuntil June 2017.