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Tuesday, September 17

11.OO - "Pamplona Safari: discovering urban fauna”, with Enrique Baquero, zoologist, University of Navarra.

19.30 -  Museo Universidad de Navarra. Documentary Screening: 700 Sharks. 

France, 92 min, 2018. Le Cinquième Rêve.

Legend has it that the shark is a lone wolf. He hunts alone. The latest science shows that the shark actually hunts in packs. In a groundbreaking experiment, five of the most experienced underwater scientists in the world will dive at night among 700 starving sharks, the largest school ever recorded.

Wednesday, September 18 

19.30 -  Museo Universidad de Navarra. Documentary Screening: The Sun – Inferno in the Sky.

Austria, 50 min, 2018. Terra Mater Factual Studios. 

23 July 2012: The sun is burning bright, sending light and warmth to Earth. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then, suddenly, all hell breaks loose… A massive eruption on our home star hurls a colossal cloud of matter into space. This is the most severe solar storm in 150 years. Fortunately, the Earth is not in the path of the sun’s awesome projectile, thus escaping a fate with unpredictable consequences. But it’s a close call. ‘The Sun – Inferno in the Sky’, presents the latest developments in solar research and offers fresh, unexpected and even controversial insights into the work of international scientists as they delve into the mysteries of our life-giving star.

21.30 - “The Sky at Night, tailor-made for you”, with Javier Armentia, astrophysicist, Planetario de Pamplona.

Thursday, September 19

17.30 - Fossils in your neighbourghood”, with Rubén Alonso, fossils expert.

19.30 -  Museo Universidad de Navarra. Documentary Screening: One Day in the Life of Earth.

United Kingdom, 44 min x 2 chapters, 2018. YAP Films y Glue Screen.

From volcanoes to earthquakes and dust migration to meteorites – scientists reveal how much the Earth changes in 24 hours.

Friday, September 20

19.30 -  Museo Universidad de Navarra. Award Ceremony and screening of the Best Documentary film.


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