On #LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival second edition 1.120 productions from 92 countries were submitted. These are the finalists:

Juliette Martineau

Documentary and Reportage:

Hi, AI. Germany, 87 min, 2019. Kloos & Co.Medien.
Human Nature. United States, 107 min, 2019. Sandbox Films, News and Guts Films, The Wonder Collaborative.
MS. Netherlands, 55 min, 2019. Docmakers.
My Octopus Teacher. South Africa, 85 min, 2020. Off the Fence y The Sea Change Project.
The Last Artifact. United States, 57 min, 2019. Montana PBS y Montana State University.
The Serengeti Rules. United States, 84 min, 2018. HHMI Tangled Bank Studios y Passion Planet.


TV Production:

America First – Nature Last. Germany, 29 min, 2019.  ZDF.
Changing Seas: “Corals in Crisis”. United States, 26 min, 2019. South Florida PBS.
Criaturas de la oscuridad. Spain, 30 min, 2019. El Huyar (Teknopolis – EiTB).
El método - ¿Un virus de laboratorio? Spain, 10 min, 2020. El Cañonazo and The Facto (TVE).
Órbita Laika – Mares y océanos. Spain, 56 min, 2019. RTVE y K 2000.



Student Production:

A Natural Code. United Kingdom, 10 min, 2019. Cristina Ceuca.
Mareas Ocultas. Spain, 10 min, 2019. Mònica Cambra.
Paludiculture. Germany, 20 min, 2020. Swantje Furtak. 
The Side Effect. United States, 5 min, 2019. Dmitry Kovalev.
The World's Coolest LEGO Set! United Kingdom, 10 min, 2020. Joshua Chawner.
Those In Grass Houses. United Kingdom, 30 min, 2020. Christian Lawes.


University Production:

A Voice Above Nature. United Kingdom, 13 min, 2018. UWE Bristol.
Alice In Typhoidland. United Kingdom, 5 min, 2020. University of Oxford.
Everything is Broccoli. United Kingdom, 10 min, 2020. National Film and Television School.
LIfespan. United Kingdom, 22 min, 2020. National Film and Television School.
What if Babel was just a Myth? France, 56 min, 2019. Sandrine Loncke.



Internet or Social Media Video:

Be ResponSEAble. Spain, 5 min, 2018. Maria Calvo Uyarra, Ángel Borja Yerro, Carolina Alonso Rodriguez y Fernando (Pernan) Goñi Olalde.
I Am Vital. France, 6 min, 2020. Florian Ledoux.
Isla Guadalupe, 15 años conservando nuestra diversidad biológica. Mexico, 2 min, 2020. Pedro Sierra Romero.
Neurocosas 12: ¿cuánta energía consume el cerebro humano? Spain, 5 min, 2017. Pablo José Barrecheguren Manero.
The Burn. Germany, 10 min, 2019. Johannes Walden.
The Portal Diaries. Poland, 80 min, 2020. The Kissinger Twins.
The World Is Thirsty. Spain, 1 min, 2020. Isabel de la Torre.
Where Is Everybody? United States, 1 min, 2020. Oliver Carr.

Jurado 2020 del #LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival



Ivan Bouso



Noemí de Cabo

Head of Factual Acquisitions, TVE



Francisco Javier Novo



Francisco Javier Novo

Researcher and Professor, Science School. University of Navarra



Manuel Toharia



Manuel Toharia

Science writer and Science Director of the City of Arts and Sciences



Leonor Solís



Leonor Solís

PhD student at Universidad de Navarra and y academic at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México



Leonor Solís



Matt Senior

MS Productions CEO.


Awards of #LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival


Best Documentary or Reportage
Trophy and diploma 

Best TV Production
Trophy and diploma 

Best Internet or Social Media Video
Trophy and diploma 

Best Student Production
Trophy and diploma 

Best University Production
Trophy and diploma 

Audience Award
Trophy and diploma 

Passion for Science Award
Trophy and diploma