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On its fourth edition, #LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival had in the competition 1.115 productions from 94 countries.

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Documentary and Reportage:

Atomic Hope - Inside The Pro-Nuclear Movement. Ireland, 83 min, 2022. Kennedy Films.
Carbon - The Unauthorised Biography. Australia, 89 min, 2022. Genepool Productions and Handful of Films.
Make People Better. United States, 83 min, 2021. Rhumbline Media.
The Bastard King. Austria, 89 min, 2021. Terra Mater Factual Studios, Bonne Pioche and Shibumi Films.
The First Wave. United States, 94 min, 2021. National Geographic Documentary Films, Participant and Our Time Projects.
The Future of Food. The Netherlands, 53 min, 2022. Sugar Rush Film.
The Hunt for Planet B. United States, 92 min, 2021. CNN Films and Crazy Boat Pictures.


TV Production:

Changing Seas - Habitats: The Key to Florida's Fisheries. United States, 27 min, 2022. South Florida PBS.
El cazador de cerebros - Pinceles y pipetas en el Prado. Spain, 30 min, 2022. RTVE and Minifilms TV.
Guardians of Formosa - Ocean. Taiwan, 51 min, 2022. EBC.
Órbita Laika – La ciencia del sonido. Spain, 57 min, 2021. K 2000 for RTVE.
The Insect Rescuers. Germany, 29 min, 2020. ZDF.
The Nature of Things - Ice and Fire: Tracking Canada's Climate Crisis. Canada, 44 min, 2022. YAP Films Inc for CBC.


Student Production:

As Time Goes By. Taiwan, 3 min, 2022. Hao Xuan Tan.
Brocky. Chile, 3 min, 2021. Luciano Chamblas and Rodrigo Alonso Ferrada.
I Know Nothing about Seagulls. Spain, 10 min, 2021. Ana Tejedor.
It's Bean Too Hot. United Kingdom, 25 min, 2021. Hedvika Michnová.
Mosquito Fish. United States, 2 min, 2021. Bryn Wright.
Sea Sheperd. Portugal, 5 min, 2019. Débora Mendes.
Sonora. United States, 24 min, 2021. Johnny Holder.
The Caretakers. United Kingdom, 21 min, 2021. Tom Hanner.


University Production and Research Centers:

Camino a Congreso – Cap 1: el congreso. Spain, 16 min, 2021. Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía and CSIC.
Evolución. 250 años del Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales. Spain, 60 min, 2022. Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, CSIC, Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación del Gobierno de Spain.
La ciencia que esconde la Catedral de Burgos – Las matemáticas. Spain, 14 min, 2021. Unidad de Cultura Científica UBU - CIBA.
Luminous. United States, 88 min, 2022. Sam Smartt.
Molecular Chirality: A Scientific Documentary. United Kingdom, 14 min, 2022. Robert Cameron.
New Physics. Mexico, 54 min, 2022. Akanus and Canal 22, with the collaboration of Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares de la UNAM.
Plastic Age - Forever? Austria, 19 min, 2022. Sebastian Postl y Sebastian Pichelhofer.


Internet or Social Media Video:

Algoritmia. Spain, 18 min, 2022. RTVE Lab.
Coronavirus Variants: What you need to know. United Kingdom, 6 min, 2021. Dan Fox.
Gravitational Waves: A New Way to Observe the Universe. United States, 6 min, 2021. MOWE Studio.
I Was Just a Child. Republic of the Philippines, 5 min, 2022. Breech Asher Marfil Harani.
One Day We Will Dance With You. Greece, 10 min, 2020. Alkis Papastathopoulos.
Our Earth. Islamic Republic of Iran, 2 min, 2022. Reza Khodadadi.
Terra Cene. United Kingdom, 8 min, 2021. Nono Ayuso and Rodrigo Inada.
The Power of Pollinators. United States, 6 min, 2022. Neil Losin.
The Sounds of Space: A Sonic Adventure to Other Worlds. United States, 20 min, 2022. Melodysheep.
Tik Tok divulgacionciencia_unam: Zombie ants. Mexico, 1 min, 2022. Alejandro Ortiz Pellicer and Karen Uxue Martínez Pérez.



Nested Applications

Nested Applications

Awards of #LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival


Best Documentary or Reportage
Trophy and diploma 

Best TV Production
Trophy and diploma 

Best Internet os social network video
Trophy and diploma 

Best Student Production
Trophy and diploma 

Best University Production
Trophy and diploma 

Audience Award
Trophy and diploma 

Passion for Science Award
Trophy and diploma 





Luis Enjuanes

Director of the Coronavirus Group at the CNB-CSIC


María Joao Façeira

Documentary producer, founder and director of Teleciencia (Portugal)


Juana Fernández Rodríguez

Professor. Faculty of Science, University of Navarra 


Lucía Gastón Lorente

PhD Student. Faculty of Communication, University of Navarra


Larry Levene

Filmmaker and producer